Sexy and ultra-chic…a fitting description for this cutting edge avant-garde publication. However, GALORE is more than just a magazine…it’s an attitude, a lifestyle, a sensation of decadence and infinite possibility. For readers and spectators, it’s an existence where sleek hotels, swank restaurants, and erotic nightclubs are the order of the evening.

For companies or business individuals, GALORE helps bring you to the next level whether you’re looking to be featured in the magazine or have your products and services shown in the next big hit movie! Our synergies with the film industry’s largest studios will help navigate a clear path for your company to be seen in major motion pictures with your favorite actors and actresses! (via movie product placement/integration)

Although the magazine covers every aspect of the jet-set experience from fashion to finance, rest assure, the focus of this publication is not just about money. At GALORE, we believe that it is not wealth that makes the individual; it is personality, charm, charisma, style, and most importantly class. These are all characteristics that we don’t hear enough about. Perhaps it is because they can’t be purchased, put on, or taken off. It is that special energy only certain individuals have that creates an intoxicating vibe no matter where they are.

If you are reading this, then you are probably one of those special people, and if so, GALORE’S desire is to lead you to others of like mind. Our passion is to share with you all of man’s greatest endeavors, his finest creations, and his most opulent services. We know you appreciate life’s special pleasures, so we insist on keeping you well equipped and completely informed. Your magic carpet has finally arrived, and we hope to stimulate you with news and interesting commentary, while titillating your imagination with new and amazing adventures.

Whatever your pleasure, GALORE will open a wonderful window to the world. It is our promise to keep you enlightened, intrigued, and excited. Enjoy!

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